When crafting a strategy, the worst thing you can do is base your decision making process on your gut feel or assumptions.

While it is generally good to follow your instincts, when it comes to developing strategies, our initiution should actually serve as a starting point for digging deeper in order to identify the root cause and fundamental underlying issues surrounding a situation.

Living It Up recently signed a one-year Marketing Consulting contract with it’s new client and before getting started we made sure to spend sometime in the shoes of the key stakeolders such as the staff and customers.

Furthermore, in order to get benchmarks from within the industry, we went a step further by conducting a survey to understand what customer expectations and pain points are when dealing with our customers industry.

It’s always refreshing to see things from other people’s point of view, as it helps you to identity opportunities and threats which you otherwise would have overlooked.

Whatever technique you choose to use to gather these insights, whether it be Consumer Imersions, Focus Group Discussion or Survey, always make the time to test and verify your hypothesis before you start working on crafting your strategy in detail.

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