We take full accountability for the work we undertake and are committed to delivering beyond our customer’s expectations.


Our driving force is a spirit of honesty and transparency in all the work we undertake


We are bold, brave and fearless in everything that we do.


We are driven by our passion for life and our desire to change the status quo.

About us

We strive to be the leading consulting firm in driving personal, organizational and community growth with the aim of empowering our customers to make positive and sustainable changes in their personal lives, businesses and communities thereby realising their full potential.

A few things we’re great at

We take the lead in inspiring and enabling  more people to be more productive and effective in their day to day lives.

Strategy development

Marketing and Brand Management, Strategy Development and Execution, Communication For Development, Social Media Marketing, Non-profit Marketing, Copy Writing, Research.

event planning & management

Conceptualization, Execution, Staffing.

media management

Planning, Buying and Production, branded items and gifts

training amd coaching

Personal Branding, Performance Management, Team Development, Customer Service & Etiquette, Team Building.

Some of our work

 We take pride in transforming individuals, organizations and their communities.

Personal Branding coaching

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not around. We help you to dictate this conversation by using the B.R.A.N.D formula (Palgnet-Women In Leadership and Management and Executive Assistance Workshops-2018)

performance management training

Emotional Intelligence, realistic goal setting and consistency are at the root of excellent team and corporate performance. We help you to identify and address these underlying issues in order to build your dream team. ( NICO Life Insurance Performance Management and Team Development Training-2019).

 Event directing & Management

The perfect event requires the ideal theme, resources and planning. We bring your dream event to life through excellent planning and resource allocation. We have delivered national, corporate and community events seamlessly (Corporate re-brands, sponsorship, community events)

private-public sector collaboration

With extensive experience in the private sector and a good appreciation of public sector dynamics, we have provided platforms for Private-Public sector partnership, engagement and synergies. (Health Policy+ (Palladium Group 2018-2019)

Some more of our transformations

We work with communities and organizations to develop marketing and developmental strategies.

Destination marketing, branding & strategy

In order to enhance the social-economic status of a place, there is need to view it as a brand; identify it’s strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on existing opportunities while safe guarding against potential threats. Based on these insights you then develop a positioning for that place based on its unique features and attributes. We worked with DAI-LGAP to develop marketing strategies and brand identities for 8 districts, with each district finally showcasing what they have to offer at a District Development fair

corporate re-branding and repositioning

With a sound foundation in the re-branding and re-positioning of organizations, we have enabled organizations to develop authentic brand identities which culminate in an increased brand equity.

product launches

We have hands-on experience in New Product Development in the FMCG and Telecoms industries and will support you in bringing your product concepts to life!